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What is LaunchShield?

These days, when you're a developer or project owner launching a new project in the space - specially BSC - there are always concerns that people can find your contract address early to snipe the launch or concerns that your launch might be heavily botted. Looking at it from an investor point of view, waiting for a launch to end up in a disadvantage of getting a high entry point because of snipers and bots and having them sell on top of your buy, triggering the first contract sell.

Introducing LaunchShield, our anti-snipe protocol - powered by WolfSwap. Developed as a countermeasure to protect project launches from snipers and bots that take away the possibility for projects to have safe and healthy launches. Works by being set as a whitelisted address for your contract, allowing LaunchShield to trade whilst trading has not yet been activated. LaunchShield is also capable to set an accurate price, minimizing the possibility to have failed transactions due to price movements.

One of the key advantages of using LaunchShield is that contracts can be cleaner and score a better audit score as a result of removing “anti-bot/anti-snipe” features. Allowing our contract to take care of this means they don’t have to have these features. Unique LaunchShield smart contract will be deployed for each and every project launching on the platform - adding extra protection layer. By the time these bots/snipers figure out the unique LaunchShield smart contract, the launch is already done and normal trading is enabled.

Click on the video below to learn more about LaunchShield and how can it benefit you.

On LaunchShiled, partner projects' will have a dedicated page with an uncluttered interface, with project details, socials, price tracking, and WolfSwap embed for transaction convenience. Project owners & developers will be able to provide a direct link - instead of contract address to their respective community for a smoother launch experience.

LaunchShield interface


LaunchShield is available for WolfPartners with the following pricing:

Option 1

$50 BUSD/USDT/USDC + 2% tax applied on all transactions as a platform fee in either BNB or ETH - depending on your pair, in most cases, this would be deducted from the funds that are set to go to the marketing wallet.

Option 2

$700 BUSD/USDT/USDC with no platform fees.

LaunchShield will be integrated into WolfSwap by the end of August. For business inquiries and partnerships, you can get in touch via email or contact one of our Admin.

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