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Until a project is launched, there will not be anything to interact with - as the whole point is it is used when projects are casting. The URLs for upcoming launches are private and will be released by tasks and their desired launch time. On top of this, we will be releasing a new domain that we will use for launches using LaunchShield, and a separate marketing campaigns towards the use case of LaunchShield.

The LaunchShield website will be a separate, more dedicated route for projects to launch using LaunchShield and ultimately give WolfEye a different way to market this product. We will create social platforms and a telegram channel to promote launches that use LaunchShield and announce news relevant to LaunchShield and WolfEye. This domain will also be used to generate launch page links.

LaunchShield will be providing passive income to $WOLF holders. Holder will receive a share of 50% of all revenue generated through LaunchShield. Join LaunchShield Telegram Channel and follow the LaunchShield Twitter to receive new launch notifications.

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