Team and $WOLF token are developed by the Alpha WolfPack.

Core Team


Foliash is an intensely self-motivated technical wizard with a driving spirit of inquiry and a hawk-eye for improvement. In several thoughtfully calculated entrepreneurial moves, Foliash renounced corporate security in favor of multiple successful startups of his own. Over recent years Foliash has invested more time in crypto, whereas previous to he managed operations for a multi-million dollar project. With a moral compass pointing to fairness, his consideration of others is second to nothing.
Time zone: UTC+1


With 8 years of entrepreneurial experience in numerous sectors, Ilyasse provides insight into building and expanding customer & client base. Currently acts as a quality engineer on a pharmaceutical company, Ilyasse helps to ensure product line-up and platform is up to standard to guarantee service excellence and community satisfaction.
Time zone: UTC+1


Stepping out from academic life, Ella pursues her passion for sustainable development and working to strengthen local youth communities through global networks, donor funding, and business strategy with her private foundation. Jack of all trades, Ella provides research analysis to support development, including guidelines & documentation for the platform users and partners; and preparing the ecosystem for our WolfPack to grow.
Time zone: UTC+8


Coming from a background in e-commerce, Rafal has helped with his expertise in various niches like fintech, insurance & construction to name a few. Highly skilled in social media marketing & design, he has successfully brought his expertise to the WEB3 space with his agency NEXUSX in late 2021. Having a WolfEye for catching upcoming trends and a creative approach to solving issues, his unique approach to work will surely aid to become a great success.
Time zone: UTC+8

Moderator Team

Feel free to DM one of the following mods if you have further questions, concerns, critiques, and/or suggestions regarding Our Telegram Community and Discord Server are staffed 24/7, there will always be an admin available to help you regardless of time zone.

Development & Marketing Team

We have 2 dedicated full-stack developers working on project development, and marketing team supported by Nexus Labs.
For business inquiries and partnerships, please get in touch via email or contact one of our Admin.