User Guide


Once you have the WolfSwap open, click on "Connect" button on top right to connect your wallet to the dApp.

2. Connect your wallet.

Use the "Metamask" button if you are using a Metamask wallet. Use "WalletConnect" button if you are using other wallets.

3. Make sure that your wallet is connected.

You should be able to see your WOLF balance and a "Disconnect" button on top right.

4. Enter the amount of token.

Enter the amount of token you want to swap, either by using the "FROM" field on Fig. 8.4.1 or by using "TO" field on Fig. 8.4.2.

Note: If this is your first time using WolfSwap, you will need to approve the WolfSwap smart contract first. This is only required once. If this is not your first time using WolfSwap, then all you need to do is click on "Swap" button and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

5. Transaction in progress.

After confirming the swap transaction on your wallet, the "Swap" button will grey out and display a grey "Swapping" button with a loading sign.

6. Transaction success.

After the transaction is confirmed and successful, you should see the confirmation page below, with a link to the block explorer and updated token balance on top right of the window.

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