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WolfEye Interface
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    WolfEye logo linked to homepage
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    Search Bar
  3. 3.
    WOLF balance with USD value
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    Disconnect button
  5. 5.
    Token info bar with social links & tax info
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    Ad space - small
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    Chart with charting tools
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    Pool Info toggle button
  9. 9.
    Token Security toggle button
  10. 10.
    WolfSwap toggle button
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    Transaction view toggle button
  12. 12.
    Holders List view toggle button
  13. 13.
    Your Trades view toggle button
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    Collapse/Expand view toggle button
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    Amount data displayed button
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    Page navigation button
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    Ad space - big
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    Top Holders list
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    Common Token Across Top Holder list


Dive deep into any crypto project by simply entering the contract address into our search bar - currently supporting BEP-20 projects, more networks will be added on future updates.

A. Chart

At a glance, you will find the relevant chart with charting tools. You can also choose your desired time interval. In this section, you can also find quick links to the project's socials to help you research the projects better.
Chart & charting tools features on WolfEye

B. Pool Info

Next to the chart, you can see a box with three view options. It will be set default to Pool Info of the project. You can also see our Liquidity Checker on the bubble maps that give you quick links to the locker.
Token liquidity automatically for locked supply, burnt supply, or unlocked supply. We will showcase this through the Locked Padlock icon, Fire icon, and Unlocked Padlock icon. Upon hovering over you will also be able to see if there are multiple locks, so much burnt, and so much locked/unlocked.
Pool Info view feature on WolfEye

C. Token Security

WolfEye also scans smart contract for potentially harmless function and these will be displayed on a Yes/ No value. It is imperative that you also cross reference this to the deployer/ developer address if they ever made any malicious act through any of their smart contract.
To view this report, you can click on the Token Security button.
Token Security report feature on WolfEye

D. WolfSwap

For ease of access, we integrated WolfSwap directly into WolfEye so you can execute your transaction after doing your research in one platform. To access this, all you have to do is toggle the view by clicking on the WolfSwap button and swap.
For more details on why you should use WolfSwap, click on the link below:
WolfSwap interface intergrated to WolfEye

E. Transactions

Next, the Transaction viewer. You can check any transaction on the project without having to go to BSCScan. What's incredible about this is how you can chose how many transactions you want to see, sorted by either date, type of transaction, amount of token and at what price, total in the native token, and the value in USD! We also included the Tx if you want to dig deeper.
Transaction viewer interface in WolfEye

F. Holders List

See the list of holders on the project and explore their wallet. On a later update, if you click on their wallet address, it will take you to our wallet explorer. However, for now, it will still take you BSCScan.
Holders List viewer on WolfEye

G. Your Trades

Sometimes, when you've DCA'd your transaction so often, you might actually lose track of how many transactions have you made and when. With WolfEye, you can view them on the Your Trades tab.
Your Trades viewer on WolfEye

H. Top Holders List

Keep track of who holds the biggest bags in the project and learn to anticipate their next move from their trading habit. On a later update, if you click on their wallet address, it will take you to our wallet explorer. However, for now, it will still take you BSCScan.
Top Holders list viewer feature on WolfEye

I. Common Tokens Across Top Holders

See what the whales are buying! This section features the common token across the top wallet in the project. Pay attention to the patterns, you might learn some new insights.
Common Tokens Across Top Holders section on WolfEye