Representing the eyes of a wolf, with its ability to sense motion without shifting its gaze, WolfEye is our flagship that helps users to analyze and create an educated decision before investing in any crypto projects. With over 200 DEX available in the industry, including platforms that exclusively offer order book, aggregator, and/or swap services individually, only a handful are widely utilized by investors & traders in the industry across various networks. WolfEye.io offers a decentralized trading platform that is designed to offer convenience.

With DEX integration to WolfSwap and both, on-chain and off-chain data metrics desired by inputting a token or wallet address within seconds, you will be able to make informed trading decisions and execute transactions in one dApp. With WolfEye, you will be able to get holders', e.g., on token X, what other tokens do the biggest holders of project X bought into and when, are there any other mutual projects that they’re buying into, what that other project is about, the on-chain data of said project, see what other tokens trending are, etc.

Reserved for our community, the idea with WolfEye is that it will be our focus product that we can continue developing based on your experience and feedback to understand better the demand and eventually become the market leader in the decentralized trading platform niche. Featuring WolfEye Liquidity Checker, we support a wider array of token lockers for liquidity from the following lockers:

  1. PinkSale: PinkLock

  2. PinkLock02

  3. TokenToolLock

  4. UniCrypt

  5. DxLock

  6. DaoLock

  7. MOFO

  8. TeamFinance

  9. deeplock.io

  10. Mudra

  11. GemPad


WolfEye will also feature WolfLock, where project partners can lock liquidity and team tokens. This will come with a bot that tells how long the lock period lasts when pinged in a Telegram group.


User Guide

Click on the link below to learn more about WolfEye features and how they can be used to your advantage:

pageUser Guide

Further Development

With future adoptions, WolfEye will feature paid listings that will help generate external revenue for the company to be self-sustaining without relying on WOLF token trading volume. We are going to also adopt a pro rata, split-revenue sharing model with our holders.

Taking into account that we are still in our infancy, we are more than welcome to your feedback for issues or feature requests on the form below:

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