As with any crypto asset, every buy-and-sell activity generally involves project tax collection in said project token which is then swapped to the native chain token. This is done by triggering the SwapAndLiquify function call on the smart contract, creating sell pressures on the project token chart.

What's the Difference?

With many DeFi projects releasing their version of a swap, these projects charge a fee for users and partners to use it, and it is only functional to partner tokens. We like to take it one step further by offering a swap that can process tax on native chain coins before swapping project tokens, giving us a significant advantage over other exchanges in the space.

Far from just another PancakeSwap fork, WolfSwap works by whitelisting the WolfSwap smart contract from the token's smart contract; that way, the token X contract never has to collect the tax and sell it. This works on any tokens you want, not just WolfPartners’ tokens. But unlike PancakeSwap, we don’t offer to provide LP.

So, for example, on a token X, there’s a 10% transaction. When you buy 1,000 token X for 100$, 10% will be collected by the contract until it hits a certain amount, and then the contract will sell it, creating a massive red candle — this doesn’t help new projects. With WolfSwap, however, when you swap on a token X, it takes 10% from 100$ and sends it to token X marketing wallet and then swaps the remaining 90$ to token X and sends it directly to your wallet.

Sells using WolfSwap are often cheaper than selling directly through pancake swap router - even though our swap interacts with the pancake swap router. Because a lot of tokens have low SwapAndLiquify limits (to try and reduce the build-up of tokens in the contract), but this can easily cost 2-5x the gas compared to when buying. WolfSwap doesn't have this issue and every sell has similar gas - there's no swap and liquify function required.

On ETH this will be even more advantageous due to the higher standard gas fee. WolfSwap is designed to be accessible to everyone, no WOLF tokens are required to access and use this, effectively driving traffic to access and use WolfEye. Not only that, WolfSwap is available for our WolfPartners at no cost, with a white-label solution available upon request.

User Guide & Resources

Exclusive Features

LaunchShield, powered by WolfSwap.

This feature will allow new project partners to launch with anti-bot/ anti-sniper prevention protocol, whether the project launches by a stealth, or fair-launched.

DustConvertor, powered by WolfSwap.

Our convertor allow you to convert any dust balances to WOLF or BNB. You will have to choose which tokens you want to convert and approve the transaction to prevent Dusting Attack.

For business inquiries and partnerships, you can get in touch via email or contact one of our Admin.

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