Before we started development, the team took time to plan and understand what is realistic and achievable. Whilst having big aspirations, we believe in plans that work. If you try to run before you can walk, you will be left with nothing but grazed knees and broken bones. Taking the time to deliver quality utilities and action, also purposeful marketing campaigns are vital for success.

Our roadmap will be regularly updated, make sure to follow our socials for future updates.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Further Development

For WolfEye to be widely adopted, we must understand that most new projects don’t have a sufficient budget to start utility development. WolfEye comes to offer solutions at no cost, with white-label options available at a price. The cost will vary depending on your project's requirements.

We’re pushing LaunchShield and WolfSwap for more and more tokens to use from launch, effectively driving traffic to WolfEye for people to experience our vision of what a trading platform should be. We will have advertisers and share revenue with our holders — Giving WOLF holders rewards in BUSD just for holding.

We are actively taking feedback and making decisions based on what makes sense, what’s viable, and what’s achievable. Many people seem to misunderstand that to justify any spending, we need to make a substantial offset impact with the following volume.

Right now, we’re still at a point where the price is quite volatile, when people with large bags are selling, resulting in quite a price impact, and we do what we need to do to protect the chart. In the past, we’ve done multiple buybacks — some directly from a marketing wallet and some from other wallets.

We are ensuring that when we’re doing marketing campaigns, they are backed up by something marketable rather than just the chart. We’re not in a rush to pump hard. Because sometimes, when you push something too hard too early, you remove the ability to have sustainable growth.

It is obvious that Ethereum will be the next logical choice for being a multichain platform. We could create NFTs that grant access to the platform. And it is easier and much safer to launch WOLF on other chains rather than bridging or deploying another contract. Firstly, bridges are exposed potentially to malicious attacks that can put your investment in danger. Secondly, redeploying contracts can generally have adverse effects on community trust. We will never risk that. However, we are still incredibly early on our journey, this has been our thought process, and we hope you will be there along the way to share the journey with us.

There have been questions about renouncing the contract. While it is a great way to create confidence because then you know that the contract can’t be messed with per se, it’s not the most suitable solution for a long-term project. Because it does hamper you from certain things down the line, e.g., potentially, to be listed on centralized exchanges, they require certain things, certain tax levels, so we need the ability to be able to write the contract to give centralized exchanges different rates on transfers in and transfers out. Futureproofing is vital and for us renouncing the contract is not something we’re going to do.

The liquidity lock will continue to renew to allow us to take quick action in case BNB starts tanking horribly. We can switch LP pairing to BUSD to protect the investors’ investment. We are currently doing 30-day locks as market conditions change and will continue to review this.

In the recent event, a malicious actor targeted the WolfPlay contract. This was a very sophisticated setup where this wallet deployed multiple contracts, which attacked the WolfPlay contract. This contract was able to buy WOLF, Place a bet, Force a payout and sell all in one transaction. This was done a total of 247 times. The extraction of $WOLF tokens from the WolfPlay contract led to a total of 13.28558 BNB being drained from the liquidity pool.

We have already taken concise action to disable WolfPlay with immediate effect and 18.9M WOLF tokens have been placed into a token locker with Mudra until 15th November. This will give us time to decide on the next actions without the concern of this being able to happen again.

Token Lock Certificate:

The connected wallet with the sell was connected to Binance so this malicious actor will be reported to Binance. That being said it's very rare much comes from this type of report. We will also buy back 13.28558 BNB worth of $WOLF and burn the tokens. This will take place over the time ahead of us and the buys will be done in sustainable amounts - meaning that the first buy-back will be done this evening and then future buy backs will be done at random times until the total BNB which was extracted is added back into LP.

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