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WolfSwap is available for our WolfPartners at no cost, with a white-label solution available upon request.

Developed to offer a solution by processing the token tax in its native chain token BEFORE the project token transaction, WolfSwap can bypass the SwapAndLiquify function call on the smart contract. WolfSwap works with all tokens regardless of tax settings. With WolfSwap, you can also split the tax collected across multiple wallets if required.

Why Choose WolfSwap?

  1. Reduce Sell Pressure Reduce sell pressure by collecting transaction fees in native coin rather than project tokens. Removing the need for the contract to use the swap and liquify function when using WolfSwap.

  2. 0 Slippage The expected number of tokens is what you will receive. Tax is handled by our smart contract and no slippage is required when using WolfSwap.

  3. Quick & Free WolfSwap is quick and simple for any project to sign up for. There are no fees for partner projects to use WolfSwap.

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